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Morskie Oko is the largest and most famous lake in the Polish Tatras. As you can see, the lake is very picturesque, among the high Tatra peaks. Morskie Oko is located at an altitude of 1,395 m above sea level. It is  862 m long, 568 m wide, and 51.8 m deep. The mountain lake is 2 km and 613 m long in circumference. Morskie Oko is a natural habitat for brown trouts and that is why it was formerly called the Fish Pond. According to legends, a monster that is a sheep-headed fish lives in Morskie Oko.

Morskie Oko, how much does it cost?

Transfer by bus from the train station in Zakopane to the entrance of the Tatra National Park and the beginning of the mountain trail to Morskie Oko - PLN 15.
If someone drives his own car, the parking costs PLN 45 per day.
Entrance ticket to the Tatra National Park PLN 8 (reduced ticket PLN 4)
From the entrance to the Park we have 9.5 km of the mountain trail to Morskie Oko. The duration of the trail is 2 hours and 10 minutes. Instead of going on foot, we can take a controversial horse transport, costing PLN 60 one way. When we get to Morskie Oko, it will be a good idea to eat in the mountain shelter. Kwaśnica is a traditional sour cabbage soup with pork ribs costing PLN 3o. Aple pie costs 9 PLN. Coffee - 12 PLN. Accommodation in the Morskie Oko shelter costs PLN 90.

1 EUR = 4.69 PLN (10.01.2023).

Note: it happens that foreign tourists are deceived and the price of the bus from Zakopane and the parking lot is too high. That's why I wrote this price list.

Morskie Oko 2022, how much does it cost?


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